The Messenger Boy of Grafton, Vermont by Thomas E. Fontaine

134 pages

$14.95  softcover

The Grafton Cavaliers by Thomas E. Fontaine

140 pages

$16.95  softcover

Five Dollars and a Jug of Rum
The History of Grafton Vermont
224 pages
$15.00 softcover
Easy to read text and many illustrations and photographs
The Grafton Cornet Band 1867-1992
20 page booklet
Twenty five photographs enliven this booklet, which describes the history of Vermont's oldest continously performing band. 
The Life of a Vermont Farmer and Lumberman - The Diaries of Henry A. Thompson of Grafton & Saxtons River.
54-page booklet
He began his diary keeping in 1864 as a lad of 17 and continued for 69 years.
Grafton's Founding Century
12-page booklet
A description of the major forces at work in what is now southern Vermont roughly 250 years ago. As you read it, let your mind journey backward to the struggle of existance.
DaisyTurner's Kin         by Jane C. Beck
295 pages
An African American Family Saga.  A daughter of freed African American slaves, Daisy became a living repository of history.

The Famous Grafton Soapstone
10-page booklet
The History, Mineralogy and Geology of Grafton Soapstone
The John Barrett Store 1816-1830
20-page booklet
The Barrett Store had 862 customer accounts during the early 1800s, 322 of them coming from surrounding communities.  The names are listed in this booklet.

Grafton's Medical Men by Thomas E. Fontaine

172 pages

$14.95 softcover


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