More than a decade ago, following the purchase of the Brick Meeting House by the Grafton Historical Society the essential work of stabilizing and preserving the structure began.  The success of this challenging work depended wholly on the many townspeople who contributed their time , knowledge, skills, and dollars.  This was expertly accomplished, and the building was guaranteed a new lease on life. 

After several years of inactivity, a new committee was  formed.  Its purpose was to preserve the work that has already been done and to complete the restoration of  the interior of the building to include painting the walls and ceiling, making the bell functional, restoring the organ and inproving the lighting. 

A huge thank you to everyone who has contributed to the restoration of The Brick Church.  It is absolutely wonderful..

If you are interested in having an event in this beautiful buiding, please contact the museum at 802-843-2584. We are booking now.